Night out with friendsHola todxs!! 

My name is Cyan Sanders and I am the crazy 20 year old owner and contributor to Passport Tales blog! Where I write all about the Treasures that I have stumbled upon during my travels. 

This blog is aimed at helping young (hopeful) travelers figure out how to follow their dreams, live within their values, and see the world! If that isn’t you, this blog can still work for you! If you’re looking for advice on Costa Rican travel, Study Abroad, or General travel tips then click around a little, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for 😉 anddd if you don’t feel free to email me a requested topic at passporttales7@gmail.com 

If you’re just looking for some wanderlust inspiring photos follow my Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/cyan.sanders/ or my Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.com/psbluskye/. 

Currently you will find photos and posts from my study abroad experience in Costa Rica: keep an eye out for my upcoming posts about Las Cataratas de La Paz [Peace Waterfalls], Playa hermosa, and the Costa Rican Whale Festival!

Chao from Costa Rica,




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